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7. Listen to the Rain

Words and Music by Denis Stanley Sorenson

The scriptures say that God "maketh it to rain on the just and the unjust." If we are not "repecters of persons," we, too, will shower on others the blessings of life, as does our Father.

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Listen, listen to the rain. Listen to the rain.

From a quiet meditation, I can rise above the sea;
Soar among the starlights and sequester one for me;
Hear old stormy rising, feel the wind flow swift and race;
Feel the cooling of the raindrops when they spalsh,
Wo, when they splash against my face. Listen to the rain.

Ticky-tackin' in the trees, drip by drop they fill the seas.
Listen, listen, listen to the rain. Listen to the rain.

When I lie abed and listen to the rainfall overhead.
I think of things I might have done or things I should have said.
My thoughts are filled with color, angry red, or sadly blue.
That's when the cooling of the raindrops puts a rainbow,
Puts a rainbow over you. Listen to the rain.

Soaking color from my pain, telling me He'll come again,
Listen, listen, listen to the rain. Listen to the rain.

Brother, Sister, just keep listening when a storm is passing through.
It will help you find the answers to the questions old and new.
All the raindrops in the oceans and the rainbows in the skies.
Tell us love will be the answer to the hows, oh, to the hows and whos and whys.

Whispering in every ear, speaking love to all who'll hear; "Listen, listen,
Listen to the rain. Listen to the rain. (Repeat chorus)

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New Dimensions in Folk Songs Denis | Joy

Joy -- a collection of 12 original songs by Denis Sorenson (plus songs, melodies, or lyrics by other writers and composers).

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