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4. Love In Season

Words and Music by Denis Stanley Sorenson

Someone has said "The business of life is inter-personal relationships." Clarissa Joy Stolworthy Sorenson is a "companion for all seasons" and this tiny token of love is but a mote in the midst of a sandstorm. But rest assured her love is real and her devotion to her family monumental--and where she and our children are concerned, so is mine. Sherisse joins me in this musical accolade. Denis

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The love of summer evening has a flavor soft and warm
Scented through with roses and emotions newly born
It lingers in the memory like the taste of sweet perfume
And it softens other seasons like a lazy afternoon.
There's a love for every season, every lover comes to know
And finding love in season, makes the lonely heart to glow.
Every autumn love remembered has it vari-colored hues
Created by the reasons and chances lovers lose.
It's cooling leads to winter snows and a time for reverie
Where the need for loving deepens and the soul has time to see.
Poets speak of love and springtime in the same poetic cries.
They ruminate with verses and their long poetic sighs.
But the singer with his melody gives the story something more
Saying springtime brings fruition to the seasons gone before.

Most of us find ourselves, from time to time, overwhelmed by the "height" of things in the world that affect our lives. But with patience, some growing up, and a modicum of measuring ourselves against more spiritual standards, we rise above even the most intimidating mundane influences. In so doing, we often discover how good we really are--and have been all along.

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New Dimensions in Folk Songs Denis | Joy

Joy -- a collection of 12 original songs by Denis Sorenson (plus songs, melodies, or lyrics by other writers and composers).

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