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5. Primrose Wine

Words and Music by Denis Stanley Sorenson

Love has long been referred to by songwriters and poets as intoxicating. On first meeting, the emotion seems to throw most of us off balance, testing our ability to regain composure and common sense. Continuing the metaphor, we imagine that if one could make wine from the tiny primrose, its effects would be small, though nonetheless delicious to the taste and warming to the soul. Such is the nature of love as bespoken here.

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When the day is over and the night is comin' on
I look for peaceful moments, with my daytime hangups gone.
I do some tall relaxin' in that heavy easy chair.
I thank the Lord for lovin' 'cause I know you're waiting there.

Where there's peace, and love, and rest that are mine.
They warm my soul, just like primrose wine.

Come and share the warm with me, and rest your weary mind.
Come share my peaceful hour here, and leave your cares behind.
Relax in my big easy chair and let your soul wing free.
We'll reminisce, maybe we'll kiss, and we'll see what we shall see.

Where there's peace, and love, and you that are mine.
You warm my soul, just like primrose wine.

See the dawn a-risin', the night will soon be gone.
It's time to leave our easy chair and rise to carry on;
Reach out to touch a brand new day, with rested soul and mind.
The love is new I share with you, now we'll leave the past behind.

Where there's peace, and love, and this day, that are mine.
They warm my soul, just like primrose wine.

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