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3. The Crayon Box

Words adapted from "Colors" by Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

Music by Richard C. Davis

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What is green? The grass is green.
At least the grass that I have seen.
What is blue? The sky is blue.
Except when clouds roll through.

Well, what is pink? Your tongue is pink
from eating lollipops, I think.
Then what is orange? Mmmmmm, just an orange.
Just a plain old orange.

Well, then, what is red? Your nose is red.
When you're coasting on your sled.
Well, then what is brown? The earth is brown.
It's brown, the whole world 'round.

Well, what is white? What is black?
Well, it's hard for me to say.
Don't you know that people 'round here
don't speak of that today.

Well, white is white and black is black;
in this there is no shame.
For people are white and people are black,
But they're people just the same.

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