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9. The Riddling Knight

Words by Unknown
Music by Richard C. Davis
Solo by Denis Stanley Sorenson

We wonder at the violation of simple arithmetic in the report of an amorous knight's adventures. He offers to pose three questions, and instead proffers six. Then, to our chagrin, we are not told whether it is he, one of the fair maidens, or the anonymous poet him/herself, who provides the answers. Furthermore, no one is kind enough to explain which, if any, of the simpering sisters comes away as the clever knight's bride. (Perhaps we can guess why the writer remains anonymous.) Annoying as this may be to some, we still find the interrogatory interesting, the responses endowed with a certain insight and some spiritual consideration--and Dick's music artful and appealing. Perhaps this is enough for a romantic moment of musical meditation.

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There were three sisters fair and bright:
Jennifer, Gentile, and Rosemarie.
And these three loved one valiant knight,
as the dove flies over the mulberry tree.


Well, if you can answer my questions three,
Oh then, fair maid, I'll marry thee.

Well, what is louder than a horn?
And what is sharper than a thorn?

And what is heavier than lead?
And what is better than the bread?

Well, what is longer than the way?
And what is deeper than the sea?


Well, shame is louder than a horn.
And hunger is sharper than a thorn.

And sin is heavier than lead.
And blessings are better than the bread.

Oh, the wind is longer than the way.
And love is deeper than the sea.

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New Dimensions in Folk Songs New Dimensions in Folk Songs The 3Ds | The Poetry Album: New Dimensions in Folk Songs
Dick, Denis, and Duane brought an exciting, unique idea to folk singing. They introduced it to cheering college audiences the land over during the 1960's. In their first album, hear why they received standing ovations for their New Dimensions in Folk Songs.
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