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 Richard Cory 
 From the 3Ds' Poetry Album

DreamToy Studios

We all have our dreams and our toys, right? Well, just so you know, even though we are a small corporation by most standards, Phoenix Records and Augury Publishing found it wise to create their own studios, unpretentious as they may be. Somehow, it seemed sensible to purchase and learn how to use the tools of the times, so we wouldn't be burdened with the hassle and never-ending hourly payments for studio time in other people's facilities.

We call DreamToy Studios "The Home of the Songwriter Artist." We do not have a storefront, nor do we advertise to the public. We operate an unhurried and unhassled environment, which includes a small complement of the best fundamental equipment we can afford. The rest of the world would probably call us a "vanity studio" because the only people who ever see or use its facilities are ourselves and the chosen few artists we happen to discover in the course of our daily living and looking for good things to record/publish, etc.

We understand copyright law, and we try to avoid the necessity of dealing with "the big boys" whose "lock-down" of the commercial world offends our pocketbooks and privileges in more ways than we can name. We rarely use other people's copyrighted material, unless a song is so good, and so well adapted to our artists' sensibilities that we simply must include it; we then make the contacts, obtain the licenses and pay the mechanicals required by law. Much more often, we prefer original material, written and performed by the artist--with a little help from their friends. And we're especially delighted when an artist likes our own material so well they want to record that.

Our facilities include a somewhat aging 16-track SONY/YAMAHA analog studio, based on one-inch tape. The digital 16-channel studio is based in new MAC G-4 with the latest version of Pro-tools. We also have a YAMAHA Clavinova that's a couple of years old and sports some 705 different "voices" to help us orchestrate our guitar/keyboard/instrumental/vocal creations. We even have extra guitars, basses and an outboard YAMAHA S-80 keyboard to help us through the tight spots. (We're still working on getting our live drum room appropriately outfitted.)

We don't solicit tapes or CD's, and we don't "sign artists" but if you think you're wonderful as a songwriter/artist, and you're open to certain kinds of basic trades and/or negotiated agreements, you might want to contact Denis Sorenson by e-mail and submit a proposal. Who knows? We might be interested in jointly putting together something of substance that people ought to hear/read/see. We just love doing this--and maybe you will too. Phoenix Records HOME| Songs| Albums| Artists| Contact|
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