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Denis Sorenson

Denis Stanley Sorenson--writer, composer, and lead vocalist--is a husband, father, and grandfather.

For him, the crowning jewels on his solo album Joy are the performances of his two married daughters, Sherisse Coombs and Peggy Grimes.

You may recognize Denis' clear tenor voice from performances with a trio of Capitol recording artists, "The 3Ds."

Photo by Lee Richen 


Baritone DICK DAVIS is also the 3Ds' arranger. He combines proficiency on guitar, banjo, trumpet and conga drum with an acting ability that was good enough to win him a scholarship to Brigham Young University, where he deserted the boards to major in speech and hearing therapy. DUANE HIATT triples as lead tenor, guitarist, and spokesman for the Ds onstage. He's equally at home being droll, satiric, or slapstick, all of which would seem to indicate he wielded a wicked pen while completing a journalism major at BYU. Just five-feet-six DENIS SORENSON, high tenor, still manages to drive home a C high enough to stop the show and shake the rafters. The smallest D, he naturally plays the biggest instruments: bass and piano. He is an international relations graduate of BYU. Phoenix Records HOME| Songs| Albums| Artists| Contact|
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