Joy Album by Denis Sorenson
Joy Album by Denis Sorenson (CD)
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Whether it be for family or fool, pauper or prince, poet or prophet, music can gratify the taste and bring joy to anyone. We have found uplifting fulfillment in sharing our own and the words and music of others in this collection. The scheme we have followed is to include music which speaks of things that bring lasting joy and peace in a world where these elude so many. We hope our efforts will, in a measure, provide them for you.

This is a family album, the creation of which has helped us bridge generation gaps. Denis Stanley Sorenson, writer, composer, and lead vocalist of most of these songs, is a husband, father, and grandfather – in that priority. The "icing" on this album's "cake" is to include some of his children in its performances. Sherisse Coombs, who has the solo on "Man With a Light" is a married daughter, with children of her own. It is both surprising and gratifying to find that, despite the so-called "Generation Gap" their voices blend and their souls combine in these remarkable arrangements. Sherisse's sister, Peggy Grimes, also adds her vocal flavorings to the generational mix.

We trust that you will find savor for your literary, poetic, and musical tastes in the contents of this first solo album – by a family man whose clear tenor voice you may have enjoyed when he performed with a trio of Capitol recording artists, "The 3D's."

Songs list
1. Soft Rains Will Come
2. Come Away with Me
3. Grass
4. Love In Season
5. Primrose Wine
6. Jeni's Song
7. Listen to the Rain
8. Who's Crazy?
9. Abraham
10. Assisi's Prayer
11. Time In A Bottle
12. Man With A Light
13. Summertime
14. Back to Brasil
15. Creation
Special thanks to...

Special thanks for yoemanry in performance go to Gary and Sarah Eaton. Him for his remarkable bass and guitar work, and her for her unfailing support of her husband's gifts to this project.

For Sherisse Coombs, there is not enough that can be said about her quick-study memorization, and the transformations she made with songs already recorded, but lacking the perfections of her obligatos and harmony parts.

For Peggy Grimes, thank you for your harmonies, life-long attention to musical excellence, and lively support. None of this would have come together as it has without your special contributions.

Denis Stanley Sorenson