10. Assisi's Prayer
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Words by Francis of Assisi
Music by Denis Stanley Sorenson

Francis of Assisi died in the year 1226. Never ordained to the priesthood, he simply gave his life over to the work of Christ. Establishing the Franciscans, he was a pre-cursor to the teaching Jesuits of the Catholic Church. His grasp of the meaning of charity is evident in this prayer he wrote, to which we have added words simulating the choruses of a song. That others have also set these words to music, is both appreciative and appropriate in tribute to his wisdom, humility and service.


Lord, make me an instrument, of thy peace, of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, I'll sow love.
Where there is doubt, I'll teach faith.
Where I find despair, I'll offer hope, Lord.
Where there's darkness, I will shed the light,
And if I see sadness, Lord, I will speak joy.

This, my Lord, I offer thee.
See, Lord, I've come on bended knee.

Oh my master, I seek not to be consoled, but to console.
Not to be understood, but understand.
Not just be loved, but also Lord, to love.
For it is in giving we receive.
And by forgiving, I'll find pardon, too.
And in dying I shall find eternal life.

This, my Lord, I ask of thee;
Please, Lord, accept this humble me.
Please, Lord accept this me.