2. Come Away with Me
Joy Album by Denis Sorenson (CD)
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Words and Music by Denis Stanley Sorenson

Taken from a musical titled "Conversations with Father" this song is a theme throughout the play, and chronicles the continuing romance of the main protagonists, Charley and Melissa Stanley. Here, they respond to each other in a profession of their eternal love – performed by Denis and Sherisse as a duet.


Listen. Can you hear? Please listen – listen clear.
Can you hear the roaring breakers, do you smell the Southern sea?
Would you come and spend a lifetime, say to sail the blue with me?
Can you handle changing weathers, or a young man's changing ways?
Could you give a life a tiller, and then share the waning days?

Oh, then, Come away with me. Come away. Come away.
Bring your life then with me and we'll sail on the sea
Come away. Come away. Come away.

Answer, if you hear. Please answer. Do not fear.
Do the upper reaches call you? Could you fancy feathered flight?
Could you picture all the beauties of an earth, seen high at night?
Will you pack up all your fancies for a young man on the rise;
Soaring up through unknown space to try adventure in the skies?

Oh, then, come away with me. Come away. Come away.
Bring your life to the sky and together we'll fly
Come away. Come away. Come away.