3. Grass
Joy Album by Denis Sorenson (CD)
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Words by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Music by Denis S. Sorenson

Anne Morrow was the teenage daughter of Dwight Morrow, Ambassador to Mexico, when she and her family were introduced to a tall. Lanky, visitor. He was a flyer, builder and pilot of "The Spirit of Saint Louis" and , at the time, perhaps the most famous citizen of the world. His name was Charles Augustus Lindbergh, and it would not be long until they were married. She would fly the world with him, setting new aviation records – she as a woman pilot and his navigator, and they as the most famous American couple of their time. It will not surprise you to know that she was also a writer and poet, as clearly established in this new song.


When I was young, I felt so small,
and frightened, for the world was tall
And even grasses seemed to me,
a forest of immensity.

Until I learned that I could grow.
A glance would leave them far below.
Scanning a tree's height with my eye,
suddenly I felt as high.

And fixing on a star, I grew.
I pushed my head against the blue.

Still, like a singing lark I find
Rapture to leave the grass behind.
And sometimes standing in a crowd
My lips are cool, against a cloud.