6. Jeni's Song
Joy Album by Denis Sorenson (CD)
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Words and Music by Denis Stanley Sorenson

Little girls grow up, and fathers often watch with a variety of emotions: surprise, wonder, sometimes dismay or confusion; parental pride, and, surely, expectations of beauty, accomplishment and success. As the father of seven daughters, I have gone through all of these, many times. Accordingly, this song is dedicated to Dads and daughters everywhere.


Tiny tot with grey-green eyes, and lightly tousled hair.
Well, she's running, jumping, sommersaults and chatter everywhere.
This is my Jeni, at three or four.
Even then I loved her, and now I love her more.

Well, I will love my Jeni, 'til the day that I die.
Love my lovely Jeni, just the apple of my eye.

Lively lady in her teens, with boys and friends galore.
She's so busy, busy going places, always time for more.
Well, this is my Jeni, at seventeen.
I'll bet she'll be the prettiest girl I've ever seen.

Well, I will love my Jeni, what a joy she is to me.
Love my lovely Jeni, any fool can plainly see.

She'll be a calm, contented lover, yes, a young wife on her own, and
She'll raise some tots with grey-green eyes, and other seeds we've sown.
Well, this is my Jeni, as I'll see her day to day.
Teaching her own Jeni's in that special lovin' way.

Well, I love my Jeni, 'til the starshine dries the sea;
Love my lovely Jeni, through eternity.