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 Richard Cory 
 From the 3Ds' Poetry Album
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About Phoenix Records, Inc.

Phoenix Records was incorporated June 30, 1976, appropriately enough in the City of Phoenix, Arizona. Its owners, Denis Stanley Sorenson and Clarissa Joy Stolworthy Sorenson, have believed from the beginning that a recording and publishing company should project high standards and positive principles, supported on a foundation of honesty, artistic integrity, and technical excellence.

We also believe that recordings, the printed word, as well as the moving and movie images of our lives should present the very best that is available in the culture and society--to be seen, read, heard and appreciated in an ambience of proven moral standards, couched in the invitation to improve our lives.

As to our name: The idea of the Phoenix Bird appears to have begun in Egyptian myth and the worship of the sun--that indispensable orb which provides for and daily improves life as we know it on this planet. The bird is said to be about the size of an eagle with brilliant scarlet and gold plumage and a melodious cry. Only one Phoenix at a time can exist on earth. It is very long-lived--at least 500 years according to available literature. Some have said it lives to 1,461 years (an Egyptian "Sothic" period) and one extreme says 97,200 years. In any case, there is much opportunity for analytical extrapolation (Oooh, I like that) and personal interpretation of the meanings attached to this lovely and exciting symbol of re-birth.

As the bird approaches the end of its life, it prepares a nest of aromatic boughs and spices, which it sets on fire, allowing itself to be consumed in the towering flames. From this a re-born Phoenix rises from the ashes, to begin a new era of life and progress. There is much here that is analogous to eternal life; endless interpretive connections can be made to the life of Jesus and the myriad teachings that attend our Christian worship.

The company founder thinks of the symbol as a metaphor for his own life as a performer, player and entertainer; he has been given more than one "new lease on life" and now has wonderful opportunities to foster the talents of those in the times that follow his own. Five hundred years is not a bad estimate of how far we'd like to go.

Please join us for at least a part of the journey--and find joy! --DSS Phoenix Records HOME| Songs| Albums| Artists| Contact|
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