The Original 3Ds Poetry Album
The Original 3Ds Poetry Album (CD)
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Once in a scarlet moon a truly novel idea rises above the scene of contemporary music. Sometimes it is a striking combination of tomorrow's new thing and yesterday's classic. Always it is an expression of the heart and soul of those whose time and talents have prepared and polished it for an anxious unveiling. THE ORIGINAL 3Ds POETRY ALBUM is all of this and more.

DICK DAVIS, composer/arranger/guitarist/singer for the "The 3Ds" has taken the lines of famous English and American poets and molded his music to their magnificence. By a tasteful blend of the soft/sweet/lyrical voice of DENIS SORENSON, the faultless interpretive style of DUANE HIATT, and the vocal/instrumental skills of all three, PHOENIX RECORDS now has the pleasant pleasure of offering the world a classic in the welding of music and literature.

If you're a poetry buff, come thrill to the musical excitement of "The Highwayman," melt with the gentleness of "Soft Rain," laugh aloud at the insanity of "Jabberwocky," and perhaps squirm a little at the insight of "Richard Cory." If your bias is musical, sit back and delight in the creative genius of Dick Davis' original melodies. If you love good music and poetry, prepare yourself for an experience of pure joy.

Denis Stanley Sorenson

Songs list
1. Jabberwocky
2. The Vinegar Man
3. The Crayon Box
4. Annabel Lee
5. Gunga Din
6. The Highwayman
7. Soft Rains Will Come
8. Richard Cory*
9. The Riddling Knight
10. The Charge of the Light Brigade

* Richard Cory has a minor skip in the audio at the 1:50 mark and we are offering the corrected version for FREE at the link below.

Download Richard Cory - FULL SONG!

Special note
Original album cover

This would have been a memorable album had The 3Ds simply done their versions of traditional folk songs. It would have been equally noteworthy had they chosen to sing any of the fine songs written by today's young folk composers, or had they sung their own compositions. Because the boys' singing and wordsmanship is so polished and refreshing, any of these alternatives would have produced an album no folk fan should be without.

But rather than rely on tradition, today's songwriters, or their own musicianship, The 3Ds have gone to a dramatically different source for their songs: the poems of some of the world's best-loved poets. They have added their own melodies to the natural music of the words, and have literally created a whole new world of folk song.

More correctly, they have fitted unexpected words into the familiar framework of folk singing. The poems, then, have been transformed into exciting "new" folk songs. If you are not familiar with the words, just sit back and enjoy these songs much as you would "Tom Dooley" or "Blowin' in the Wind."

If you know the words, your first time through this album will provide a further dimension of enjoyment. For you can attempt to anticipate the type of melody the D's have added to the insanity of "Jabberwocky," the excitement of "The Highwayman," the rhythm of "Annabel Lee," and the heroism of "Gunga Din," to single out just a few.

Whatever your familiarity with the poems, you'll enjoy discovering that there truly is something new in the crowded and often clichéd world of folk music. Perk up your jaded ears. Listen to these great new talents whose new songs provide a stimulating new dimension in folk singing.